Prince & Princess Party (for 3!)

In the span of a month, my nephew turns 1, my son turns 1 and my niece turned 3. Instead of having 3 different parties, my sister and I decided to do a combination party for all 3 kids with the theme “Prince and Princess”. My niece is really into Disney Princesses right now and the babies are into pretty much anything, so it seemed like the perfect theme!

I have to brag a little bit..  My sister Kristen is the *perfect* partner for planning a party. She dreamed up an amazing party theme and I was so happy to help her execute it. She is super creative, detail oriented and very patient with her sister who isn’t as talented as she is (for evidence, see literally any other post in this blog). She drew her initial inspiration from a bag of balloons she bought at the dollar store. The balloons have multi-colored tissue paper confetti inside of them and she was inspired to build the party around these colors.


With just the colors and the Prince and Princess theme framework, we both focused our effort into our various areas of expertise. Kristen handled overall decor design and games while I did the computery stuff and planned the food, but I have to say that I relied on her heavily for even the stuff that was supposed to be my responsibility..

Kristen hosted the party at her house so I came down the night before the party to help set-up and prep. We had an absolute blast executing our balloon art and decor together while sipping wine and chit-chatting. It was much needed sister time and I LOVED it.

The results are below. The party was amazingly magical and a big success!

Our biggest accomplishment was this balloon display:

DSC_0595DSC_0597DSC_0605I mean, how COOL is this balloon display?!?
DSC_0625We used a single strand of balloon tape and lots of various sized balloons in our color scheme to make this glorious creation. Balloon tape is AWESOME and a total game changer. Check it out HERE: 50′ Balloon Deco Strip-Clear

The balloon tape was really easy to use. I have tried “balloon art” before for parties and this tape made it SO much easier. I’ve literally tried tying balloons together with ribbon and it was not easy.

Kristen also did an incredible job making a castle out of her cupcake stand, inverted ice cream cones and flattened Starbursts to make flags.


Each kiddo got their own smash-cupcake. Yes, we also sang “Happy Birthday” 3 times.. and then another 2 times for our Dad and my grandmother-in-law whose birthdays also fall in this birthday month – 5 total singing times!


DSC_0630I had bought this Felt Letter Board for my sister off Amazon at Christmas time. You can find it here: Felt Letter Board and she used it to make this cute little poem to prompt our guests to join in the dress-up fun!


Click here to see the one I bought!

Of course we needed photo banners of each of these kiddos last 12 months. Making these banners made us collectively weep as 12 months go waaaaay too fast!

We used ribbon, double sided tape and Command Mini Hooks.DSC_0623

We put pictures of the Birthday Honorees in frames and displayed them throughout every area of the party.DSC_0627

This was our drink station. We did eventually fill the Creativeware Beverage Dispenser with blue Kool-Aid. I bought this dispenser 6 years ago almost to the day and they have been used at literally every party I have thrown.


For the food, I used Photoshop to make signs that fit our Disney Prince/Princess theme.  I also created a little party logo. Please note the “1”s and “3” on top of the crowns. Pretty creative huh? birthdaylogo.png


Shields = Tortilla Chips, Magic Carpets = Cheese Chips, Fire Breath= Buffalo Chicken Dip. All of these food items are the kiddos’ favorite snacks, except for the Buffalo Dip of course! Also, I don’t know how I misspelled Cinderella as “Cindarella”.. I knew it looked wrong when I did it, but I never bothered to double check. DUH! Whoops! *face palm*

Kristen’s kitchen and living room were decorated with streamers in our colors.


Finally, I made a few copies of these posters to hang up throughout the house:


We politely told everyone that us hosts would be dressing ourselves and our kids up for the party, so basically if they didn’t want to be left out, they had to dress up. Here’s the whole gang:


I took the opportunity for a joke and dressed up as the artist formerly known as Prince. Get it? *Prince* and Princess party? I had to piece together my costume from various online outlets and had to settle on a Ruffled Vampire Shirt to look Prince-like. It was one-size fits all, so it was NOT flattering. So for those who haven’t seen me in a while, please know that Weight Watchers does work, I promise. Later in the party, I wore my Dad’s purple cape from his costume and I looked more Prince-ish. The painted on thin mustache and purple glasses were the real clincher.

Not Prince.

notprince.jpg Also not Prince.

What a great day! Our family was impressed at our decorating and planning skills and we have awesome memories watching our kids absolutely having the time of their lives!


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