Gender Reveal Party- Decor

The Challenge: To throw an awesome Gender Reveal Party to reveal the gender of our second child.

My Inspiration: Pinterest people who throw amazing parties to incite shock and awe amongst their families.

The Concept: Distinct Sides- Pink and Blue, our guests make their prediction.

What I Need: A LOT OF STUFF! Here’s a brief list of all I needed:

  • Tablecloths (Pink & Blue, White)
  • Napkins (Pink & Blue)
  • Forks, Knives, Spoons (Pink & Blue)
  • Signage in frames
  • Painted pumpkins (x3)
  • Puppy Chow (Pink & Blue candies added)
  • Cheerios Treats (Pink & Blue dipped candy coating)
  • Foam block for holding Cheerios treats
  • Streamers (Pink & Blue)
  • Balloons (Pink & Blue)
  • Tissue paper flowers (x6) (Pink & Blue)
  • Tissue paper flowers banner (x2) (Pink & Blue)
  • Ultrasound pictures in frame
  • Glass bowls, plastic bowls, wine glasses, serving trays for holding stuff
  • Cravings corner – all my favorite candies (7 types)
  • Favor cups for people to fill with candy from Cravings Corner
  • Flowers (Pink, Blue, White)
  • 10 pink necklaces
  • 10 blue necklaces
  • 12 Pens
  • Old Wives Tales Quiz
  • Pregnancy Facts Quiz
  • Extra table, Extra chairs
  • And much more I am probably forgetting…

Who is Helping Me: MHH (My handy Hubby- Adam) for some set-up help

Who is NOT Helping Me: Time, I felt like I didn’t have enough of it!

How I Did It: Instead of a length explanation, I’ll have my pictures tell the story…

The Set-Up



For a favor, I set up a “Cravings Corner” where my guests could take home some of my most favorite and most desired candies during this pregnancyimg_8281

They could also nosh on some yummy treats. This is white chocolate puppy chow.chexboysgirlschex

Here’s a poor photo of my Cheerios Treats in all their glory…


Before this happened…..

IMG_8291.jpgYeah, so I guess the Cheerios Treats were a little heavy and they embarrassingly collapsed about 20 minutes into the party. It didn’t stop anyone from eating them, thankfully!

I also created two quiz games to play with our family to distract them while we got the reveal ready and while we waited for the food. 

How I Revealed: 

I bought gender reveal specific smoke bombs on Amazon. Since it was a few days before Halloween, I hollowed out a large pumpkin and painted it half pink and half blue and placed the appropriate colored smoke bomb inside.  The pumpkin served as a centerpiece until it was time for the reveal. We took the pumpkin and our family outside and lit off the bomb!
Click on the image below or HERE to see what we bought!

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